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Create Your Own Work

I have my MFA in Acting, however I am an artist and so MUST CREATE.

Consequently, I can't just wait around for someone to offer me an opportunity to be creative.

I create my own work...Short films, multimedia projects, web content and Instagram shorts. 



A short film I wrote/directed/produced about a wellness class where black men and women regularly meet to learn what to do when stopped by the police. Its a typical class until a special visitor shows up.

Click link below to see the entire film. 


Tale of Cuani 

Inspired by my desire to play an action hero, I created a superhero. In 2016, I performed Tale of Cuani as a multimedia project that fused screen and stage.

Click the link below to see a trailer of the video content. 

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Back when Instagram videos were only 15 seconds and my funds were SUPER low, I shot and edited these shorts all on my iPhone. A series called #my50ShadesOfBlack and a series called #KishaMayFights are represented here.  All videos can still be seen on Instagram using those hashtags.

Click link below to see all the shorts in one video.